Message In A Bottle

One of the first and most fundamental habits I coach my clients to build and improve upon – to start them off right and set them up for success – is BODY AWARENESS; aka listening to their bodies.  In a world where we are always connected (technologically), it’s almost ironic that we suffer from such a severe disconnect from our own bodies.

Sure, sure.  You listened to your body the last time it growled at you for waiting too long to feed it.  And undoubtedly, you listened the last time your body not so subtly told you that it didn’t appreciate that extra-grande burrito you inhaled.  And I’m sure you grudgingly acquiesced when it forced you to take a break from your rigorous fitness routine due to an injury.

That’s because it’s hard to miss our bodies yelling at us.  But how do we become aware of the times our bodies aren’t yelling at us?  How do we develop the ability to listen to our bodies all the time?

Tuning in to and listening to our bodies actually requires more than we might realize.  Have you ever awoken one morning to find yourself in pain?  Typically, we think to ourselves that this pain came on suddenly and unexpectedly.  However, if we were to sit and think for a while, we would come to the realization that we had warning signs; we just didn’t listen.

So here are 3 small steps you can take today, to help you become more body aware:

  • Practice self-care – Massage is an incredible way to devote an hour of silence to listen to AND take care of your body. Meditation not only helps you tune out the world, it also helps you tune into your body – allowing you the opportunity to assess your physical, mental, and emotional needs.
  • Savor your food – Fast and furious lives have spilled over into fast and furious eating habits.  Slowing down and enjoying your food not only allows you to recognize your body’s “full” signals, it is also a vital step in improving your relationship with food.whyf
  • Reconnect with nature – It doesn’t matter if you explore whatever nature surrounds you with or whether you take a simple, leisurely stroll through your neighborhood.  When we remove ourselves from the temptation of electronic devices that vie for, and usually win, our attention, we free our minds to listen and to process.  By eliminating unnecessary distractions, we are able to focus on what really matters.



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