Life is change? What does that even mean?

That nothing lasts forever?

That nothing ever stays the same?

Maybe that we cannot sit idly by and watch as life flows endlessly around us without being changed – regardless of our participation or lack thereof?

Maybe it means that it’s all scary… and messy…and hard at times.

And maybe it means it’s exciting….and surprising…and rewarding at others.

Maybe it means that life and change are full of uncertainty, and rife with disappointment.

But that they are also brimming with opportunity, and abounding with fulfillment.

We may not know how everything will turn out – not with relationships, not with careers, not even with our health – but there is always just as much potential for success as there is failure…just as much opportunity for joy as there is pain…and just as much reason to hope as there is to despair.

No, I can’t tell you how it all will end…but I promise you it will be okay. I can’t guarantee that life or change will be easy…but I assure you, it will all be worth it.

Life is change

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