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Whether you are:

  • a hopeful mom-to-be trying to conceive,
  • a nervous, newly pregnant mom wanting to enjoy a healthy & active pregnancy,
  • a veteran mom of 5 looking to find a new balance during pregnancy and beyond, or
  • a wise mother, wanting to honor the changes that have occurred in your body already and striving to rebuild/build new foundations of strength

you deserve a custom approach to help you make the most of whatever phase of motherhood you are in right now.

As a hopeful mom-to-be trying to conceive you’ll learn:

  • which exercises are best and how often you should train to make sure you don’t push too hard or too far.
  • how nutrition (and possibly supplements) can help your body prepare for conception.
  • when it’s a good idea to look into fertility testing (if you haven’t already), how conception struggles can impact your relationships, and where you can turn for help.

For you new and veteran pregnant mammas, I’ll help you:

  • understand what physical and physiological changes you can expect at each phase of your pregnancy.
  • assess your fitness level and provide you appropriate exercises at each phase of your pregnancy so you can feel confident about staying active.
  • refine your nutrition (and possibly supplements) to best support your body’s evolving needs and nourish you and your growing baby.

And every postnatal mom, whether you had your baby yesterday or 10 years ago, will receive:

  • advice and support on finding balance as a caregiver and the importance of taking care of you.
  • nutrition and supplement recommendations to help you heal quicker and set a solid foundation for postpartum exercise.
  • workouts specifically designed to help you listen to your body and slowly ease back into activity safely.
  • information and guidance on common pelvic floor dysfunctions that can happen with pregnancies, and exercises that can help as well as assistance finding a women’s health specialist and/or pelvic floor physiotherapist as needed.

Are you are a woman who is thinking about getting pregnant, is currently pregnant, or has ever been pregnant? Answer these few short questions below and become a part of your new community.

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